September 2002

American Diva

Denyce Graves was the voice of America in the days, weeks and months after the tragedy of September 11. But she is no stranger to overcoming hardship.

Tax Tips for Singers : NEGATIVE NET INCOME

The Hobby Loss Rule There is a one-way tax rule for hobbies. Income is taxable. Expenses are deductible only up to the amount of the income. Expenses that exceed income

Ask Erda: You Are Not The Boss of Me

With all the talk about abuse in this issue, Erda gives refreshing advice here about taking charge of your life and career, and not allowing yourself to be victimized any longer.

Medical Aspects of Voice Teaching

We asked Dr. Jahn to speak about the voice students who come to his offices and some of the emotional problems he encounters in working with singers.

Strategies for Success : Landing a Tenure Track Teaching Job

Cynthia Vaughn used the recent NATS convention in San Diego to talk to many sources about how this delicate process works-and how it doesn't!

Scholarship Hunting

Before you start your scholarship search, read the warning below from the Federal Trade Commission about fee sites and remember that you can probably find your scholarships yourself if you are willing to do the legwork.

Financial Aid For Voice Students

The call came from a singer desperate to attend a prestigious Conservatory of Music. "My parents have eight children and can't help. The Conservatory told me they will only give me a $1,000 scholarship. Where can I get the rest of the money? Please do an article on scholarships!" (I suggested a state school rather than taking on a crushing $100,000+ debt which might take decades to repay as he had started too late to obtain financial aid.) While this article is coming out too late to help him, CS hopes it will help others. It will be permanently on file on our website.

Katherine Ciesinski : A Curtis Success Story

If you stuck a pin in a timeline demarcating the 78-year history of the Curtis Institute of Music, right about the point coinciding with the summer of 1976, you might

Spotlight On The Curtis Institute of Music : Philadelphia, PA

CS continues the series examining the top ten vocal programs in the US as listed by U.S. News and World Report

Those Who Can, Teach

Is teaching voice simply a rite of passage or is it a wrong career move? What is the real truth about performing professionally while teaching at a university? Can you do it successfully? And what happens to the students of these teachers?

The Voice Teacher Abuse Survey : So What?

A message for college administrators, voice teachers…and singers

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: What perfect timing with your issue about singing the National Anthem! I found the article to be interesting and informative, as it is a popular topic these days.

Bulletin Board

Stop, Drop and… Sing? During the Royal Opera House’s June 29th performance of The Queen of Spades, soprano Susan Chilcott was reminded of her fire safety lessons when an onstage

Classical Singer Voice Teacher Abuse Survey Results

In response to several disturbing reports sent to us at Classical Singer, as well as numerous requests, we created the Voice Teacher Abuse Survey to examine in a broad and

It Happened to Me

A few letters received at the CS offices and CS forum posts.

Teacher to Teacher : Can We Talk?

300 teachers observe a young student abused by a diva.

Why They Can’t Walk Away

Abuse often paralyzes your colleagues. Find out why.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE : Changing a Hidden Culture of Abuse in Classical Singing

We all know it is out there somewhere—the difficult, unspoken topic of mental, physical, and sexual abuse by voice teachers in the singing community. But how much of a problem