September 1999

“Home Schooling” : A Non-standard Approach to Education

Less than a year shy of his upcoming debut as Alidoro in La Cenerentola at the Metropolitan Opera, John Relyea is doing a lot of preparatory work, including performing the

Different Roads : The “No Music School” Option

I have the distinct impression that nobody in the real performing world cares where you went to school, or even if you went to school at all. What they want is someone who can fill the shoes of a working opera singer.

The Best of Three Worlds : Susan Graham

In terms of education, Susan Graham has experienced just about every different type of program available.

Meistersinger : Making the Grad School Decision

Graduate school involves a commitment of time, money, and energy, and may or may not help you to achieve your performance goals.

The Renaissance Singer : Study at a Liberal Arts School

In addition to vocal technique, singers need to be knowledgeable about languages, music history and theory, drama, business, publicity, and marketing, and a host of other widely varied fields of study. Where can a young singer acquire this bewildering array of tools?

The Pressure Cooker : Singers at the Conservatory

Amanda West* is what you might think of as a “typical” young music student–fresh out of high school, earnest, already determined to improve her art and craft, and ambitious.

A big Fish in a Little Pond : Choosing a Smaller University

. “My school was so small that I was the only freshman voice major that year. Really!” By comparison, the 20 voice majors enrolled last year at Saint Xavier University in Chicago must seem like a bumper crop

A Little Fish in a Big Pond… : Choosing a larger university

There are more people in Sarah Davis’s school than in her entire hometown. Growing up in Sterling, Colorado (population 10,000), she already knew what it was like to be a big fish in a small pond.

An Owner’s Manual for the Voice : Review: Care of the Professional Voice

Learning how to sing can seem very simple when compared to understanding how the voice works.
This new book levels the playing field between singer and physician, as reviewed by CJ Williamson.

News and Trends : What's happening in the World of Opera

GROVE’s–ONLINE Tired of going to the library to look up a composer or opera in Grove’s? Always wanted your own copy? The online version of The New Grove Dictionary of

Sleep That Flits from Singers’ Eyes : Sleep Disorders Explained

Sleep is one of the least-understood physiological phenomena known to man. Too much sleep isn’t good, and too little is WORSE. Dr. Jahn fills in the blanks and tells why 40 winks are a vital part of your vocal health care.

“Over My Dead Body” : The Ongoing Surtitle Debate

Surtitles are present in a huge number of opera houses today–all the more reason for singers to be aware not only of how they work but why. Sarah Bryan Miller explains the controversy, the advantages–and the latest trends.

“KinderCareer” : Kindermusik and Musikgarten

Singers are always looking for ways to earn a living or just extra money–and teaching young children
is one route you may not have considered. Kindermusik and the younger Musikgarten
organization may be just what you’re looking for.

College Coaching Programs : Not Just for Athletes!

Every singer knows the value of a good vocal coach. So where you do study coaching as a profession?

Cream of the Crop : ACDA Performing Choirs 1981-1999

Where are the top university and college choirs?
We went to the American Choral Director’s Association to find out.

Luck of the Draw : Getting the Voice Teacher You want

Even if you’ve been accepted to your top-pick school, getting the “right teacher”
is a game of chance. Here’s how to improve your odds

Beyond Basics : What You'll Need when you're there

Voice students have a lot of considerations that the average student does not.
Sarah Booth gives a few tips on what to remember when you’re packing for school.

View From the Top : General Directors on Education

Along with singers, CS conducted a poll of opera company general directors to get their insights
on what today’s performers are demonstrating in terms of education. The results may surprise you…

Starting Out Right : Dale Moore: What you Need to Know

What information does the new conservatory student need to have? Renowned voice professor
Dale Moore explains the rigors of the conservatory, and what young singers can expect.

Painting your Own Colors : A Conversation with Maria Spacagna

In a warm and very candid interview, soprano Maria Spacagna discusses success, art, and family with Maria Zouves.

View From the Inside : Singers on Education-The CS Poll

What are Singers saying about Education? Read the Poll to find out!