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A Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Three Ways to Jump Start Your Career

Dana Lynne Varga will be publishing a monthly series for Freelance Artists. If you have questions for Dana, email and we’ll have her answer or write about those. ​

Classical Concrete: A Review and Guide to the NYC Music Scene

Welcome to the debut post of Classical Concrete, curated by Mary Claire Curran. Classical Concrete is inspired by the NYC classical music scene. The accompanying Spotify playlist tries to encompass

Freelance Singer’s Survival Guide : Filtering Feedback

We’ve all been there… The conflicting information and comments. The confusing or unsolicited advice. Let’s take a brief look two common scenarios, and ways you can filter through all the

How to Lose the Desperation and Find Your Power

Did anyone ever say, “I’ll give you a banana if you sing this for me. I’ll give you two bananas if you sing it on roller skates. I’ll give you

The Singer’s Library: Transgender Voices

When I was a beginning voice teacher, I was eager to teach any student who came to me for lessons. I quickly found, however, that the students who had different

The Right European YAP or Summer Program for You

It is not too late to make plans to attend one of the many Summer Programs in Europe. Back in December 2018, I wrote an article also addressing this topic

News and Notes from the Community

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards has announced the presentation of its award for excellence to Pittsburgh Festival Opera (PFO) for its

Music Should Mean Something : Advice from George Shirley

Music should mean something. Sound should mean something. Know what and why you are singing and your sound will come from somewhere amazing. Venerated tenor and voice teacher George Shirley has

Which School is Best for You?

Our CEO Alex Stoddard recently received this email from a member of our CS Music Community. Dear Mr. Stoddard, I have competed in the CS Music Vocal Competition for the

How to Get a Singing Job on a Cruise Line

Great performers become great performers by performing. To find performing jobs you need to be “in the shipping lanes.” Here’s one job that is literally just that – in the

Your Health: Acid Reflux, Motion Sickness, and Warm-Ups

I have never heard of varicosity on the cords. How common is this? What are the chances that with some vocal rest and acid reduction medicine the vein will go

Your Health: Medicating the Voice

What to take or avoid Question: As a singer which medications should I avoid/take? Dr. Jahn: This is a bit complicated but understandable…and essential. So let’s get some detail. Most

To Belt or Not to Belt: Does Musical Theatre Damage Your Voice?

Is Musical Theatre Singing Damaging to the Classical Voice? Works written for the musical theatre vary greatly in style, some of which are more in sync with the opulent legato,

From CS Competition Winner to Diva

Gillian Hollis’s Lessons Learned Gillian Hollis, the University Winner in 2012 CS Vocal Competition has found success and challenges since winning and she has some things she’s learned  about dealing

Success For the Mature Singer

What are the obstacles to either expanding upon existing work or entering the field when one no longer qualifies as the next sparkling young phenom of the industry?   Certainly,

Connections: It’s Who You Know

Turning acquaintances into career allies We all probably know on some level that it’s not wise to walk into every audition without having made any personal connections to those hiring.

Protecting a Singer’s Hearing — Vital

Protect your hearing! This column was prompted by a simple question from one of our readers:  The answer is not simple, but important. Our sense of hearing, important whether you

How to Memorize a Script/Score

Oddly enough, while a formal vocal education includes classes in music theory, diction, acting and interpretation, we almost never take classes that teach us how to memorize.

Creating a Singer’s Budget

SINGERS FINANCE SERIES You shouldn’t need to be wealthy to pursue a career in singing. However, it’s no secret that those who have enough money to finance a career in

Daniel Johnson-Wilmot : Teacher Spotlight

Daniel Johnson-Wilmot has been teaching singing for 52 years. 45 of those have been at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where he is Professor of Voice. When he first

Tips of the Trade : Memorization Techniques

Follow CS Music’s ongoing YouTube series “Tips of the Trade”. In this installment, soprano Jennifer Rowley shares her secrets about memorizing text for any role of any size:  

Pregnancy and the Singer

One of the most transforming experiences a woman can undergo is pregnancy. As women, we might wonder what it feels like to be pregnant? What will our baby be like?

Dress for Audition Success

You’ve perfected your songs and you’re ready to sing your heart out for that audition or competition, but what should you wear? Are there different rules for opera and musical

An Artist in Voice & Paint

Rina Lucas combines her artistic vocal and painting skills into a fascinating new career. We asked Rina seven questions to help us know how she keeps up with her artistic

4 Tips for Crossover Success

The market place for singers in the United States is rapidly changing. While classical music is by far the most common genre taught in the university setting, in the outside

The Jazz of Darden Purcell

Darden Purcell, a Washington D.C. based jazz vocalist, enjoys an active performing career in addition to being the director of jazz studies at George Mason University. She has performed nationally

Diction for Today’s Singer

Every collegiate voice major in the United States sooner or later will have to take diction—the class that teaches how to sing effectively in other languages besides English (although occasionally

Singer’s Diction: The Ever-Expanding Selection of Textbooks—Take Your Pick!

The following is a list of six of the most popular diction textbooks, along with their pros and cons. These are my own personal opinions—yours may differ. Many of these

Singer’s Diction: Course Set-Up

The University of Missouri in Columbia directs that Italian and French diction are taught in the fall semester, and German diction in the spring. For the Italian and French diction

Make Diction Understandable—and Entertaining!

Use of Multimedia for Illustration/Humor Diction is usually considered a dull subject, usually focusing on the correct understanding of rules, rather than the practical application of those rules to improve