October 2017

Bring It On: : An Interview with Soprano Joyce El-Khoury

With recent debuts at Glyndebourne and Covent Garden, Joyce El-Khoury is making a name for herself as a versatile soprano who can bring her characters—big or small—to life. Her path to stardom has been neither easy nor typical, with many detours and delays along the way—like during years of being bullied as a child or when she applied to graduate schools but only got accepted to one and without scholarships. Always one to step up to the plate, El-Khoury has used her self-described grit and hard work to turn seeming setbacks to her advantage—and there’s no holding her back now.

The Doctor Is In: : Is a Rhinoplasty for You? What the Singer Should Know

If you’re considering a nose job, for medical or cosmetic reasons, find out what you really need to know as a singer.

Where I Last Got Paid To Sing : Astonishing and Brainy Soprano, Melinda Ehrlich

Melinda Ehrlich has not followed the typical timeline or trajectory for a singing career. But a late start has not hindered this singer’s success.

Musings on Mechanics : How to Extend Your Range (of Motion)

An increased vocal range is a major aim for all singers. But with an instrument that is physically internal, it can be confusing as to how to achieve this. These principles will help you identify obstacles that may be causing limitations or impairing coordination.

The Music Major Minute : Kiss My Grit: Successful Singers Persevere

Rejection is tough at any stage of a singing career. Determination coupled with hard work can shed a valuable light on these trying moments.

From the Editor : Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

As I reviewed the articles for this issue, the word “grit” stood out in several of them, and my brain sat up and paid attention. Merriam Webster describes the noun

A Song’s Centenary

Take a moment to learn more about the man and meaning behind the beloved art song “Do Not Go, My Love.”

Taking a Fresh, Hopeful Look at Performance Anxiety

Consider seven misunderstandings concerning the causes and cures for performance anxiety.

Dollars and Sense

Building a singing career requires financial investments just like any other company or business entity. Find ideas on how to make your money stretch while also learning necessary new skills.

On Point : with Taylor Mills

Fashion designer Taylor Mills has a new line of clothes created especially for the classical singer. Here she shares how the idea for the line came about, her creative process behind the designs, and how she hopes the clothing will best serve singers.