October 2016

Becoming Blalock

After a big break came his way in a major world premiere, tenor Jonathan Blalock has continued to develop a successful niche for himself in new music. Blalock credits much of his abilities to sing modern music to his experiences when he was young and singing tight harmonies with his musical family. But even with all that natural ability, Blalock has worked hard to get where he is. A bold social media user, Blalock tweets and blogs and uses Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to connect with colleagues and fans—connections that are paying off.

The Singer’s Library: : All That Jazz

The third installment in the So You Want to Sing series takes on the sounds and styles of jazz with Jan Shapiro’s latest contribution.

The Doctor Is In: : Ask Dr. Jahn

Dr. Jahn answers questions from singers about recovery from nasal surgery and a tonsillectomy, as well as about the successes and failures of using GORE-TEX for replacing a vocal fold. If you have a question for the doctor, e-mail him at jahn@classicalsinger.com.

From the Editor : More Than Friends

Bill Gore first started his company—which makes, among other things, the waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX fabric—in his backyard. The company grew and expanded, and one day Gore walked into his factory

Social Media Dos and Don’ts : Expert Advice

Few social media efforts are as successful as Studio 113’s Notes from the Bench (see p. 46). Those that generate new business often have experts behind the scenes who determine

Notes on ‘Notes from the Bench’

Not all ventures into social media turn out well, but one 12-episode podcast did—for both the creators and the audience. Find out what made it a success story.

Social Media Basics for Singers

Are you unsure which social media platform is right for you? Read about the ins and outs of everything from the ubiquitous Facebook to the rising Snapchat.

Expanding Your Audience through Social Media

Popular blogger and Huffington Post contributor Jennifer Rivera shares her list of dos and don’ts when using social media.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing: : Opera on Tap-Nasville

Three singers decide to take their careers by the horns in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Music Major Minute: : Playing Well With Others

Considerations from Robert Schumann’s ‘Advice to Young Musicians’