October 2001

The Thinking Man’s Soprano

Patricia Racette combines the elements of heart and soul with the discipline of the body, mind, and spirit.

Sound Body, Sound Voice : Alternative Body Therapies for Singers

Since the body houses the voice and affects it in myriad ways, attention must be paid to keeping the body free of stress and tension.

Overlooked Treasures of the Song Literature

By reaching into untapped resources, the adventurous singer can discover and revel in a whole new world of neglected songs.

Catch That Cold

Preferably before it even starts. Failing that, here are some tips to shorten its duration and bring you quickly back to full vocal health.

Singers To Study : A Lesson From Baritone Joseph Schwarz

In an age when the Verismo asthetic predominated, this great baritone brought a bel canto-informed elegance to his legendary performances of Rigoletto.

Bulletin Board

Some Good News A new study on the future of the arts, including the future of operatic artists, has just come out. To view the report, go to www.rand.org. Some

Editorial : Finding Your Own Winning Rhythm

We all know the feeling of striking out at an audition or even worse, at a performance. Afterwards, the questions swirl around in your head: “Why did I miss that

Spotlight On : Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Set amidst 420 acres of green lawns, trees, plazas, fountains and architectural wonders, University of Cincinnati’s College—Conservatory of Music (CCM) provides the proper scenery for inspiration. And it’s more than

Coaches and Accompanists : Preparing Your Music For Auditions

The condition and presentation of your sheet music says much more about you than you ever imagined.

Coaches and Accompanists : Spoil Your Pianist Rotten!

Here are a few of the many great things your pianist does for you. How you can make your pianist's work easier and improve the final, joint result.

Coaches and Accompanists : Get Used to the Pressure

Top vocal coach Kathy Olsen likens the secret of giving successful auditions to the secret of getting to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice!