November-December 2019

Broadway Meets Opera in Legendary Stage Director Dorothy Danner

Dorothy Danner built an impressively vast and diverse career without any advanced degrees, learning instead from private teachers, directors, and working on professional stages. Regardless of her lack of classroom hours, she has taught at some of the most prestigious performing schools in the U.S., and her advice to young singers offers an invaluable perspective. Discover how this Broadway dancer and actress became an operatic stage director whose credits span from Once Upon a Mattress to Die Fledermaus. 

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Melissa Rivera's Success With Crossover Vocal Training

Crossover singing should extend beyond musical theatre styles. Pop, rock, and country music can also lead to additional opportunities and paychecks. 

The Singer’s Library : College Prep for Musicians

High school students can begin now to prepare for their music degree by avoiding any misinformation and getting answers straight from the experts in a new publication. 

Crossover Corner : What Should I Sing at My Audition?

Rather than forcing yourself to be something you think auditioners want to see, show them exactly who you really are.  

Jay Hunter Morris: :  Life as He Loves It

The life of a working singer can seem glamorous from the outside. Get an honest perspective from a singer who is working hard to maintain the many complexities of this field.

Singing on the Side

Meet vocalists who haven’t quit their day job—and don’t plan to anytime soon—and learn how they balance performance life with practicality in another profession. 

Overcoming Adversity : Sandra Marante-Times Two

When life dealt out unbelievable trials, one singer’s support system provided the necessary strength.

Honest Emotion with Kamal Khan

Kamal Khan’s career has included working with top singers in the industry and has also taken him to the Dominican Republic and South Africa. Read about his many collaborations with singers from across the globe and get his advice on cultivating greater meaning and sincerity as an artist.