November 2016

The Power of Perseverance : Baritone Brian Mulligan

The wait required for dramatic voices to mature and come into their own can be frustrating—and nobody understands this better than Brian Mulligan. And, yet, rather than dwell on the frustration, the baritone found roles he could sing while waiting for the roles he would one day sing. That wait is over now, and Mulligan is embracing the dramatic baritone repertoire door opening before him.

The Singer’s Library: : Telling Secrets–Crucial Clues for Constructing 
a Career

In Voice Secrets: 100 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Singer, authors Matthew Hoch and Linda Lister uncover the essential elements of building success as a singer.

The Music Major Minute : Rules of Art Songs . . . Art Songs Rule!

If you want to ultimately sing opera, why must you spend so much time in the university setting singing art songs? Discover (or rediscover) the value of this treasure trove of music for your vocal and artistic development.

From the Editor : The Singing Life

I used to have a drawer full of hairbrushes. Seriously, there were probably 15 or more of every shape, size, and color. And it’s not because I’m obsessed with hairbrushes

Don’t Leave Home Without It

CS readers weigh in on what they must have in their suitcase when they hit the road.

Picture This : Ideas for Your Photos

Four photographers share what they think makes a great photo shoot and, thus, great photos.

It Takes a Village

In the September issue, we shared the story of four talented and inspiring young women pursuing a career in voice, despite the fact that they also happen to be sight impaired. This month, one of those singers, Cristina Jones, talks more about her inspirational journey—one marked with a positive outlook, a sense of humor, and the incredible support of friends and family.

Do Men Belt?

The terms “belt” and “legit” have clear and understood distinctions for a female singer. But how do you differentiate the upper register of the male voice as used in musical theatre vs. opera? Andrew White explores 
the possibilities.

Stage Left: : When Singers Retire from Performing

Singers discuss how they decided to call it quits, what it meant to leave the stage, and how they are now finding fulfillment in life after singing.

Where I Last 
Got Paid to $ing : Jahmaul Bakare, Fierce in All Genres

Drawing on his classical training, tenor Jahmaul Bakare is traveling the world on a one-year cruise ship contract.