May-June 2020

Reflecting on Frederica von Stade’s Captivating Legacy

It has been almost 12 years since Frederica von Stade graced the cover of Classical Singer magazine. Since then, she has been hard at work creating new roles, teaching, performing, and helping young people from disadvantaged situations. In this latest interview, the legendary mezzo-soprano reflects on an epic career and shares her thoughts about opera today, motherhood, #MeToo, and her advice for an emerging generation of classical singers. 

Overcoming Adversity : Alexandra Martinez-Turano the Larger-than-Life Soprano

When addiction and poverty are a part of someone’s story, survival becomes more of a necessity than achieving one’s dreams. One singer, however, shows that she not only survived very difficult family circumstances, but is now working in a field that provided strength and healing for her.  

The Singer’s Library : Mindfully Managing the Aging Voice

A new publication offers solutions and an increased perspective for maintaining a lifetime of singing. 

Crossover Corner : In the Room Where it Happens

Get an inside view of what casting directors are actually wanting from auditionees.

Healthy Student-Teacher Relationships

For better or worse, no one can deny the lasting influence a voice teacher leaves on a singer. Whether you are a student or a teacher, read on to make sure this relationship is productive and prosperous.

Pulling Off a Sick Performance

You’ve spent hours practicing and fine-tuning for an important performance and are feeling prepared and excited. Take some thought to also prepare for any potential setbacks that could start with a sniffle. 

Dimitri Pittas : The Transformative Tenor

Dimitri Pittas’ career is one filled with transition. Despite serious obstacles, this kind-hearted tenor has proved his adaptability and is recognized as a force in the most impressive repertoire. 

Choose Your Own Audition Adventure

These step-by-step scenarios provide a glimpse into a variety of audition situations and can help with preparation for pounding the pavement in the Big Apple. 

The Art of Seeing with the Ears : A Conversation with Ramón Vargas

Ramón Vargas remarkably made his Met debut replacing an icon in the industry, and since that time he has become keenly aware of the many changes in operatic traditions. Read his thoughts on the evolution of opera, how to increase longevity in this incredibly competitive field, and what traits singers need in order to find success. 

The Marvelous Marilyn Maye

A lifetime of performing is a large part of Marilyn Maye’s legacy. Though she is not a classically trained singer, her advice on singing technique, connecting to lyrics, and reaching an audience is something all singers in any style should heed.