May 2019

Elizabeth Stanley : Rooted in the Midwest, Blooming on Broadway

Elizabeth Stanley’s path to the stage did not go as initially expected. Beginning first as a classical singer with a vocal performance degree, she quickly realized her passion and place in the musical theatre world. Her career now includes Broadway national tours, revivals, and originating roles. In this Classical Singer exclusive, she discusses her process for creating many different vocal qualities and styles, what life is like in a touring company, and the necessity for singers to share their own unique talent free from outside influences.

CJ Greer: ‘Mamma Mia!’ to Mozart

WHERE LAST I GOT PAID TO SING -SERIES CJ Greer balances a career as an assistant professor of music and music theatre at the University of Nevada–Reno with performing musical

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : CJ Greer From ‘Mamma Mia!’ to Mozart

Read about a classically trained singer whose performance career has enjoyed more frequency and profit in Broadway roles.

The Singer’s Library : Singing with Your Whole Self

The Feldenkrais Method has been aiding singers for decades but has only recently become more accepted with scientific backing. Discover more about this method in a second edition publication.

Ask Cindy : Freeing Yourself

The first Ask Erda column appeared in the January 2002 issue of Classical Singer magazine and focused on “times are hard.” I’d been writing for the magazine for five years prior

Crossover Corner : Seven Questions to Consider

Are you wondering about the logistics or process of crossing over into musical theatre from the classical world? The first segment of this new Classical Singer column aims to answer many of these questions and brings to light other questions you might not have already considered.

Overcoming Adversity : Jeannette LoVetri and Vocal Fold Paresis

Any singer’s worst fear is seriously damaging their voice. Livelihood, personal identity, and mental health can be affected. This first entry in a new Classical Singer column focuses on the very personal story of a renowned teacher and singer whose life was shaken when this fear became a reality.

Why Classical Singers Are Leaving Opera for Musical Theatre

Have a look at what classically trained singers are saying about their transition to Broadway.

Musical Theater and Crossover: : Growing Your Opportunities

No matter where you’re at in your performing career, begin utilizing the many benefits of crossover work.

Remembering Iya’s Impact at Caffè Taci

Read about a cherished pianist who dedicated countless hours to budding singers in New York City.

Amy Justman: The Leading Lady of Crossover

Amy Justman’s career has included both Bach’s St. John Passion and Sondheim’s Company and many works in between. Learn how her strong musical background has made her not only able to cross such large divides but also a more marketable and a sought-after performer.