March/April 2020

John Chest : A Budd-ing Career Centered on Signature Roles

John Chest’s career path did not initially go where he wanted or expected. But now, with a repertoire rich in European experience, he has returned to the U.S. to debut a roll that has been following him from the beginning of his studies. With a young family in tow, the mentors, teachers, and opportunities that presented themselves to Chest are not necessarily the path he would have chosen, but they have led him toward a career that is catching the attention of the classical singing world.

Why I Chose to Not Get Paid for My Last Gig : Composer Kurt Erickson

One composer finds increased opportunities and collaboration through an unusual approach to commissioning new works.

The Singer’s Library : New Editions with New Additions

Two treasured publications have been expanded and enhanced and continue their tradition of developing singing techniques for the modern artist.

Crossover Corner : How to Cut a Song for an Audition

Thoughtfully prepare each audition cut by demonstrating strong storytelling and musicianship.

Singing with Chronic Health Challenges

When a singer’s physical well being is drastically changed by persistent complications, finding answers can sometimes only lead to more questions. Empowering yourself with knowledge can help, but that’s only one small step in a long process.

Arrigo Boito’s “Streben”

Though the innovations of Arrigo Boito were initially met with resistance, his work, Mefistofele, left a profound influence on operatic composers.

Mildred Miller :  The Met’s Unstoppable Mezzo

Mildred Miller’s boisterous career has truly come full circle. Read about her early work in Europe that led to hundreds of Met performances and how all that experience is now impacting the lives of university students.

The Music Major Minute : Faculty Meeting Follies

Read a humorous perspective on what university music instructors might think about some bad student habits.