March 2014

North Star : Kristine Opolais

Meet Kristine Opolais, the stunning Latvian soprano who won her country’s heart, then Europe, and now America. Her recent Metropolitan Opera debut as Magda in La rondine, which was met with critical acclaim, is just one in a whirlwind of major engagements for the rising star. Find out about the career and culture of one of the top singers of this generation.

Musings on Mechanics : Make Your Unstable Life Work for You

Learn how physical stability can help you find better vocal stability by pinpointing and addressing instabilities in your vocal technique.

The Entrepreneurial Career : A Balanced Budget

Don’t let “budget” be the dirty word that derails your project.

From the Editior : Inherent Instability

Wilbur and Orville Wright weren’t the first to take flight. But in 1903, their persistent attempts to take to the sky resulted in the first free, controlled, and sustained flights

Bel Canto Can Belto : Talking Technique with Mary Saunders-Barton

There are no more baritones, just boy singers. Female singers can belt to a high D, but above that it’s really a controlled scream. Intrigued? Read on for even more insight into the pedagogical world of musical theatre singing.

Suffer for Your Art?

Choosing to pursue a singing career comes with significant challenges and sacrifices. Read what singers have to say about the sacrifices they make—both personally and financially—in order to follow their dreams.

Highlighting Art Song in New Mexico

Art song and opportunity come to the Land of Enchantment in a competition and festival that is offering prize money, education, and networking experiences to singers.