July 2014

Opera in ‘The City Different’ : The Santa Fe Apprentice Singer Program

Nestled in the mountains of New Mexico just an hour from Albuquerque in small-town Santa Fe sits one of the most prestigious opera companies in the U.S. Each summer Santa Fe Opera welcomes artists and patrons from around the world for a first-class opera experience in its unique outdoor setting. In addition, the opera company trains 43 Young Artists in its Apprentice Program, the first of its kind in the U.S. Meet a few of the Young Artists participating in this summer’s program and find out how their experiences are preparing them for life beyond Santa Fe.

That’s It : Dealing with Adversity and Challenges in Your Career and Life

What do you do after graduation? How do you stay motivated and positive amid lots of rejection? Hard work, for starters―and then learning how to effectively deal with adversity and challenges. Find out how this can make all the difference.

Tech Savvy Singer: : Five Tech Skills to Keep You Afloat in an Opera-Averse Economy

In years when the economy is unfriendly to opera, tech skills can help you keep a
roof over your head between gigs.

The Doctor is in: : Posture and Voice

Whether sitting or standing, singing or silent, your body is always in some sort of posture—good or bad. Your body is your instrument. Learn how to put it in a healthy posture that will best serve that instrument.

The Entrepreneurial Career : Pep Talk for Entrepreneurs

On the path to entrepreneurship, you’re going to experience some insecurities. Here’s how to fend them off.

From the editor : Maintaining Your Musical Mojo

I don’t remember precisely when I first fell in love with opera, but I remember significant, seed-planting moments. It started with my mother. She had degrees in vocal performance and

The Dos and Don’ts of YAP Auditioning

The director of Green Mountain Opera Festival’s Emerging Artist Program shares his thoughts on what singers should and should not do when applying to and auditioning for YAPs.

The Adler Fellowship: : Perspectives on a Top-Tier Training Program

Almost every classical singer is familiar with the renowned residency for young singers known as the Adler Fellowship. Find out what the fellowship is really all about from the program’s director, Sheri Greenawald, and Fellows past and present.

Fired Up: : Jennifer Rowley

After a surprising dismissal from Covent Garden, soprano Jennifer Rowley is blazing ahead.

The Audition Experience

Whether you love it or would rather get a root canal, auditioning is simply a singer’s reality. Find solace and inspiration from other singers as they share their experiences auditioning and how they manage the uncertainty of it all.

Application Innovations: : Carnegie Hall’s Musical Exchange Seeks to Redeem a Stressful Process

Read about a new and revolutionary application process for a series of masterclasses mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato will present as part of her Carnegie Hall Perspectives residency in 2014-2015. Singers will have the unique opportunity to get feedback on all aspects of their application—bio, headshot, repertoire choices, and more—before they submit the application.

The Psychological Benefits of Singing

Audition season will soon be upon us, and the roller coaster ride of rejection can often leave you wondering why in the world you ever chose to sing in the first place. Reflecting on the vast and varied benefits of singing will help you keep a healthy perspective.