July 2012

Par Excellence : The Lyrical Precision and Exacting Work Ethic of Michael Fabiano

Reared by a brilliant-minded businessman father, Michael Fabiano brings his early interests in business and the law to his current career as an international opera singer. His practical approach is already paying big dividends as his burgeoning career continues to unfold both in the U.S. and abroad. Read more about the unique attributes contributing to the rise of this young tenor.

The Entrepreneurial Career : You, Inc

Taking a business approach to your career can spell more success and artistic fulfillment. Looking at how others are doing it can be a great start..

Ask Erda : Why You Might Want to Rethink Your Career Choice

Find out why purposefully missing out on opportunities might mean you don’t have what it takes to succeed as a professional singer.

The Tech-Savvy Singer : Organize Your Auditions with Evernote

Read about a new computer program and smart phone app that can help you track the details of your audition season in a whole new way.

The $50 Week : An Even Financial Keel in Oases and Deserts

The summer sunshine has a way of elevating everything—including temperatures and power bills. As the weather warms up, find ways to keep cool and beat the heat while prepping for the coming months.

From The Editor : Needs vs. Wants

While trying to entertain my just turned one-year-old daughter recently, I handed her a stick of frozen butter, still in the wrapper, that I had just pulled out of the

Bulletin Board

Classical Singer Winners Announced in Chicago The eighth annual Classical Singer Vocal Competition concluded with the final rounds in Chicago, Ill. on May 24-27. More than 1,250 singers participated in

Life at the Komische Oper Berlin : A Talk with Byron Knutson

Hear about Berlin’s most cutting-edge opera house from the musical director of the company’s Young Artist Program.

Some Connecticut Gospel

After finding music, then leaving it for corporate endeavors, and ultimately returning to it in the end, Christopher Herbert, a member of New York Polyphony, waxes eloquent on the themes and variations of being a modern classical singer.

The Show Must Go On:But How Will You? : Coping with Catastrophic Life Events While under Professional Obligation

Singers at every stage of the game share how they have dealt with harrowing life events in the midst of performing responsibilities.

Meet the Young Artists

Four vocalists who have participated in education and outreach programs share their experience.

The Value of Young Opera-tunities

The next generation of singers hones their craft while exposing opera to new audiences through six unique outreach programs.