July 2005

Wagnerian Momentum : An Interview with Christine Brewer

Christine Brewer knows the importance of being patient, saying no, and waiting for the right opportunities. Her patience has paid off, with an international career on both the recital and operatic stage.

Ask Erda: : Let Conscience, Good Sense and Good Taste Be Your Guides

From what to wear, to how to handle your manager, to questions of ethics, the singing business can be fraught with dilemmas. But never fear, Erda is here with some answers!

Movement Creates Meaning: : A Dramatic Interpretation of Menotti's 'Monica's Waltz'

Knowing just how much physical acting to do during an audition can be a challenge. Richard Crittenden's detailed interpretation of Menotti's 'Monica's Waltz' outlines general dos and don'ts that can be applied to any audition aria.

Seasonal Allergies: : A Strategy for Survival

Have the warm breezes of summer brought you an onslaught of sneezes and sniffles? Read what remedies Dr. Jahn recommends for the seasonal allergies that can hamper those high notes.

Tools for Singers: : Bringing New Technology into the Voice Studio

Take a look at a great new tool that every singer, whether techno connoisseur or novice, should know about.

Getting from Here to There

Classical Singer’s 2004 Coach of the Year, Joan Krueger, cited this article as “one of the most inspiring” she has ever read. In honor of our 2005 Coach of the Year, here are excerpts from a written master class by Ms. Dornemann, reprinted from the CS Archives, January 2004. For the full article, visit our archives at www.classicalsinger.com.

Joan Dornemann: : Classical Singer 2005 Coach of the Year

This month we honor New York’s own Joan Dornemann. Read about her journey to coachhood, her years at the Met, and the passion for her job that has transformed her into a superb coach who makes a real difference in singers’ lives.

Bulletin Board

Michigan Opera Working to Attract a More Diverse Audience Opera America and Michigan Opera Theatre have joined forces in an attempt to attract more members of ethnic groups to attend

Editor’s Note : The Magic of What We Do

In J.K. Rowling’s acclaimed children’s series about the adventures of the young wizard Harry Potter, the opening session of the first school term at Hogwarts ends with the entire student