January 2018

Magical Moments : with Mezzo-Soprano Delores Ziegler, Superstar and Master Teacher

Mezzo-soprano Delores Ziegler’s mega career has spanned decades, opera houses, continents, and recordings, both on CD and film. After 14 years under contract in Germany, Ziegler returned to the U.S. where she expanded her career to include university voice professor. She has spent the last six summers teaching at Oberlin in Italy. Find out what it was like singing in Germany, what Ziegler’s teaching philosophies are now, what advice she has for learning to work with conductors, and much more in this exclusive interview.

The Singer’s Library : So You Still Want to Sing?

The newest books in the So You Want to Sing series take on country, gospel, and sacred music.

The Music Major Minute : From College to Young Artist—What Is Next?

Navigating your way from college to professional singer can be challenging to say the least. Many singers find their way thanks to summer training programs and Young Artist Programs. Consider the various options here and find a program to fit both your abilities and your needs.

Summer Lovin’ . . . in January

Plane ticket: $460. Tuition: $1,495. Meals and expenses: $265. New friends, new mentors, and a new full role on your résumé? Priceless. Of my most memorable summers (40-some-odd that I

Where I Last Got Paid to $ing : Hear Me Roar! Tenor Jahmaul Bakare

One year after sharing his experience working for a cruise line, Jahmaul Bakare talks about his latest contract with Disney in Hong Kong.

Summer on a Budget : Training Programs that Won’t Break the Bank

Attending a summer training program doesn’t have to put you in the poor house. Consider a variety of available options with tuition around $1,000.

Eastern Experience : Varna International Opera Academy

Read about a summer program that, while a little off the beaten path, offers singers a true taste of a professional opera singing experience.

#NotThrilledtoAnnounce: : Finding Freedom from Social Media Envy

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have created a storm of comparison that can lead to jealousy for most users in this digital terrain. Learn how to weather this storm here.

Druid City Opera Workshop : Unlock Your Potential with Pro Hough

Start looking ahead through the cold winter months to a program with a top-notch faculty and unique offerings for singers of all abilities. Plus see what past participants have to say about their experiences.

New Opportunities: : Opera NEO

Read about a new training program in beautiful California led by seasoned stage director and conductor Peter Kozma, whose vision has taken the program from opera scenes with piano to three full operas with orchestra in just five short years.

Notes from the Field : Turn Traps into Triumphs

We all have strengths and weaknesses. The trick is capitalizing on the things we do well and minimizing the things we don’t.