February 2018

Close to Home

Known for her Lucia in the U.S. and abroad, soprano Anna Christy began performing on the operatic stage at the young age of 11 and over the past three decades has maintained an active performing career at the Met, Opera Colorado, Santa Fe Opera, English National Opera, and Lyric Opera of Chicago, among many others. With the support of managers, directors, and family, her résumé now also includes mother of two. While putting family first is a balancing act, this soprano’s charming reputation and talent keep her in high demand.

The Music Major Minute : In Pursuit of Perfection

Achieving perfection is not only impossible, its very pursuit can hamper true and joyful artistic expression.

From the Editor : A Great Year For Women

I am writing this just nine days into the new year, and from where I sit, 2018 looks like a great year to be a woman. I’m not the first

Where I Last Didn’t Get Paid to Sing

A singer learns a valuable lesson when she ends up singing for free at a wedding.

Ugliness in the House of Beauty : Sexual Harassment in the Classical Singing Industry

Stories of sexual harassment have been making the news daily as the #MeToo movement continues to topple predators in nearly every industry. But what about classical singing? Does sexual harassment happen in our own industry? Hear from singers who bravely share their own experiences and find out ways others can speak up if they have been or become victims too.

Darin and Sheri Adams: : The Heart behind the Appcompanist App

Meet a husband-and-wife team who made and continue to make career decisions based on what will be best for their family, including a new app they hope will also be best for singers.

Finding Catharsis in Motherhood and Leadership in a #MeToo World

Read one woman’s story about leaving full-time singing to pursue arts administration, a career change inspired in part because of her son, and how attending the Hart Institute for Women Conductors and Administrators at the Dallas Opera has inspired her even more.