February 2000

The Geheimnis of Greatness : Christa Ludwig Talks About Singing

In this exclusive interview ­ and in a fascinating memoir, In My On Voice ­ one of the most successful singers of the century attempts to analyze the exceptional.

Soprano Ruth Welting

A beloved soprano passes before her time


Alcina and La rondine

So You Want to Teach Singing?

Joan Frey Boytim and other private teachers show you the ropes –and the ropes to skip.

Classical Singer’s Voice Doctor answers your questions

Smoking, Anti-Depressants, Allergies and Birth Control Pills

William Mason’s Gold

The General Director of the Lyric Opera of Chicago offers his take on the Golden Age of Classical Singing.

The Many Voices of Rosina

Let history be your vocal coach as Classical Singer surveys the
performance tradition of nearly a century of recordings