December 2018

Adventures in Marino Land : Megan Marino

Megan Marino’s impressive talent has taken her to several top-notch opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, Opéra national de Paris, Lyric Opera of Chicago, San Francisco Opera, and the Santa Fe Opera. Her résumé also includes awards from the William Matheus Sullivan Foundation, the Gerda Lissner Foundation, the Kurt Weill Foundation, and the George London Foundation as well as first prize wins in both the Marcello Giordani Foundation and the Oratorio Society of New York competitions. But it’s her positive perspective and fun personality, coupled with this talent, that has left her in high regard with her colleagues and fellow singers.

Ask Dr. Jahn – Acid Reflux

Dear Dr. Jahn,  Has laryngeal acid reflux always been an issue for singers, or is it more prominent now because of changes in our foods and lifestyles?      

Where I Last Got Paid To Sing : Full-Time Dream Job with Briana Rossi

Discover how a singing profession not only provides a steady income but also leads to learning new, unexpected skills.

The Singer’s Library : No Instruments Needed

As the a cappella craze continues to sweep the world, a new book, written by a pioneer in this field, provides an in-depth perspective to a style that has been evolving for thousands of years and is here to stay.

The Music Major Minute : Changing Your Tune

University years can be tricky to navigate for a voice major. Students are constantly subjected to many comments, critiques, suggestions, and ideas. Get off to the best start and learn how to handle tough situations by heeding the wisdom of someone who has walked in your shoes and now walks another path as a university professor.

Editorial Desk

Welcome to the December issue of Classical Singer magazine! It’s a privilege to serve on the Editorial Board because I am a great believer in the value of Classical Singer.

Remotely Running a Voice Studio

As the rest of the world continues to enjoy the growing perks and popularity of working from home, those teaching private voice lessons through the web are still working out the kinks. It’s only a matter of time, however, before continually evolving technology makes this a staple possibility.

Realistic Ways to Work in Europe

Considering working abroad? Wondering where and how to start? Find resources here to begin your career overseas.

Navigating the Singer’s Network

Find answers to some tough networking questions from singers who have built lasting and strong connections by focusing on creating authentic relationships.

Choices in an Age of Unethical Behavior

With so much corruption, injustice, and unfairness in the world and music industry, it can feel like there is little anyone can do to improve the current state. But by making changes in ourselves and speaking out, singers can make a real difference for good.