December 2016

Following His Heart: : Michael Chioldi

From humble and happy beginnings, baritone Michael Chioldi has enjoyed a remarkable career in many of the world’s greatest opera houses. Though initially unsure of his path, he discovered quickly that he was meant for the stage. Thanks to the guidance and care of his early teachers and his personal dedication, his career progressed rapidly. Chioldi continues to deeply inspire and impact audiences. With a performance calendar full through 2019, his future is one to watch.

Musings on Mechanics : Running the Numbers

Discover ways to develop better technique by using athletic performance metrics.

The Music Major Minute : Finding Your Own Sound: You vs. YouTube

YouTube can be both a blessing and a curse for a young singer. Learn how to use it to your advantage rather than detriment, including using the platform to share your own music.

From the Editor : Progress Through Hard Things

A friend convinced me recently to join her in a morning workout for swimmers. The “Masters Swim Team” meets daily with coaches at each session to give swimming tips. They

Let the Games Begin : Training Singers to Be Vocal Athletes

Read about a well-researched and informative book on contemporary commercial music written by two voice scientists who are also speech language pathologists.

Your Five Next Career Moves : Post-Grad Blueprint for Success

Expert music career coach and author of Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music, Angela Myles Beeching offers targeted career advice for life after graduation.

Your Ears and Your Career : The Dangers of Noise-Induced Hearing Damage

Hearing beautiful music live is a huge perk of this profession. But what if being in so close a proximity to such music could actually damage your hearing? Find out ways to protect your ears, before it’s too late.

From Opera to Jazz

For 20 years Sylvia McNair captivated audiences in the U.S. and abroad. In the height of her success, however, she made a major turn from classical literature to American standards and jazz. Find out here what inspired this turn of events.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Glenn Fernandez­— Tenor, Actor, and ER Doctor

ER doctor by day and singer and actor by night, Glenn Fernandez shares details of his last paid gig, what he learned from the experience, and how that knowledge is shaping the work he’s pursuing now.