August 2005

From Juilliard to Broadway to Carnegie Hall

Audra McDonald’s varied career has spanned classical and Broadway genres alike. One common thread, however, runs through every type of music she chooses: Audra McDonald sings what speaks to her soul. In this candid Classical Singer exclusive, Ms. McDonald shares her thoughts on getting over her hatred of classical music, how she balances career and family, and her future plans on the operatic stage, including Houston Grand.

Attracting The Right Feedback

Singers need to know how to ask for feedback, and when to either accept or reject it. For the singer who also teaches, you find yourself on the other end – giving the feedback. Maria Zouves explores both angles here, using summer programs as a model.

Ask Erda : Erda Deals with Demos

A demo CD, part of every singer’s package, often makes that first impression for you. Make sure it’s a good one by following Erda’s advice— and learning from her mistakes.

The Voice Teacher and the Laryngologist

In an issue dedicated to voice teachers, it seems appropriate to present a Dr. Jahn column on a clinical team that is essential to the long-term survival of the singer—the voice teacher and the laryngologist.

2005 Classical Singer Teacher of the Year : Elizabeth Nohe Colson

Not all voice teachers are created equal, and when you find a truly exceptional teacher, you’ve struck gold! Classical Singer magazine continues its tradition of honoring exceptional teachers by shining the spotlight on Elizabeth Nohe Colson, our 2005 Teacher of the Year.

Bulletin Board

Detroit Back In the Classical Radio Fold As of July 1, according to the Detroit News, residents of the motor city again have classical radio, a service they have had

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: I love your articles and your style! You obviously care about your readers—your articles are frank, informative, and your advice compassionate and nurturing. Please continue printing more articles

Editor’s Note : Tap Into Your Full Potential

Recently, as I was leaving a grocery store, I happened to walk past a car with four young children in the back seat. I couldn’t hear what was going on

Classical Singer Salute

It wasn’t at the Met, but it was for the Mets, and 11 Classical Singer Convention attendees had the time of their life singing not just the national anthem, but an encore to boot!

First Annual Classical Singer College Expo Success

On Sunday morning, the last day of the 2005 Classical Singer Convention, as attendees were wrapping up activities and checking out of the hotel, high school students and their parents

One Singer’s Convention : The Ups and Downs of Competing, Performing and Studying at This Year's Classical Singer Convention

One singer’s convention began with disappointment—but by the time it was over, the lessons learned and the overall benefits far outweighed any initial heartache.

Sing, for Heavens Sake Sing!

One major goal for this year’s convention planners was to offer singers as many
opportunities as possible to do what they do best: sing!