April 2018

From Opry to Opera

Baritone Michael Mayes is enjoying a busy career in contemporary and traditional opera roles in the United States and abroad. In recent years, he has become the go-to guy for the challenging role of Joseph De Rocher in Jake Heggie’s Dead Man Walking, performing the role throughout the U.S. and most recently in Madrid and London. Mayes shares how his own personal journey has drawn him to roles like De Rocher and how he sees a new genre of American opera taking shape that is impacting artists and audience members in life-changing ways.

The Singer’s Library : Like No Business I Know

Two new books are sure to give singers aspiring to careers in musical theatre the know-how they need to succeed.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Loving Her Gift and Sharing It with Others— Soprano Jodi Ann Keogan

Consider some reasons in addition to money to say yes to a gig, including bringing joy to people who really need it.

The Music Major Minute : Poetry in Art Songs–A Singer’s Hallmark

Find greater meaning and motivation as you work to interpret and communicate the music and poetry relationship in classic song.

Keeping It Real

The verismo period of Italian art and literature took root in the late 19th century and carried into the 20th century. The movement strove for a realistic portrayal of human

Another Look at Performance Preparation and Peak Performance

Performance anxiety is a complex and difficult hurdle to overcome. What may work for one may not work for another. With that in mind, and in the spirit of open dialogue, consider an alternative take on recent CS articles on the subject.

Fearless : Soprano Kirsten Chambers

Soprano Kirsten Chambers’ nerves of steel and ability to have fun under any circumstance are paying big dividends—like getting her hired at the Met. She discusses that and more here.

Creating a Distraction-Free Environment for Optimal Practicing

From turning off your cell phone to finding more time in your day, discover ways to increase and improve your practice time—in and out of the practice room.

Notes From the Field : Battling for Balance

Juggling the many demands of a singing career and a personal life can be overwhelming. These tips are sure to set you on the right path.