Singers, Schools and Tech: The Emerging Role of Audio and Video in Voice Training and Education

The 2020–2021 school year was marked by an increase in technology use in the studio and beyond in academia. Even with in-person instruction returning, digital learning is here to stay. Learn here about the best possible tech solutions for classroom and voice studio.


Leyerle, Language and Libretti

Anyone who uses google translate knows that it takes nuance, experience, and patience to fully grasp the deeper meaning of a different language. In the twenty-first century, singers have multiple tools at their disposal for language learning. For hundreds of years before the era of language apps, students of opera had to sit down with a dictionary and painstakingly look up each foreign word for translation. Through careful study and work with a polyglot coach, singers could grasp the meaning of an opera libretto not written in one’s native language.


Chauncey Packer: Career Endurance through Belief and Joy

Singers take many different paths in maintaining an opera performance career, and many factors contribute to success. In addition to the excellent musicianship skills and vocal artistry needed to remain competitive in the industry, more elements also play large roles. A singer needs a strong belief in themselves, drive to keep moving forward, and the ability to maintain physical and mental health to serve them as they continually challenge themselves as artists. 


Publicity : Using Social Media

The explosion of social media has caused an upheaval in the entertainment industry, granting unprecedented access for fans to peek behind the curtain and see their favorite performers raw and (sometimes) unfiltered. How should singers harness technology in a way that enhances their artistry? What are best practices for promoting projects? How much should opera performers separate the personal from the professional?


Countering the Narrative with Countertenor Randall Scotting

Randall Scotting, countertenor, shares his experiences with balancing his career in the United States and in Europe, his commitment to weight training, and his new song album featuring lute and folk song.


The More You Know 

o continue learning over the course of a lifetime requires acknowledgment that there is much that we do not understand.  A couple of years ago, I came across a New

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