Small Expressions of Power in Pursuit of Big Change

Voice faculty and students alike may feel that systemic change is out of their power. In this article, find ways to create positive impact in your university experience.


Multi-faceted Music-Making with Andrea DelGiudice

Soprano, teacher, dramaturg/librettist, vocal consultant, and director Andrea DelGiudice epitomizes the “slash career” artist at a time when diversifying skills, talents and revenue streams is more important. By continually expanding her interests and exploring new avenues for creativity, DelGiudice is breaking the stereotypes and tropes of a classical singer who can only pursue one path in the music industry. She recently shared reflections on her journey from singer to Renaissance woman of the opera stage, and she offered wisdom for other artists, particularly women, who are looking to strive for a more varied and valuable career.


Spirit of Innovation: Bass Kofi Hayford Behind DictionBuddy App

Kofi Hayford has never been one to follow a traditional path – particularly when it comes to making music. While many budding vocalists find early footing in youth choirs or even youth theater programs, he spent his formative years immersed in the cultures of other countries. In fact, music didn’t even come on to the radar of the Ghanaian-American bass until he was a teenager.


Dual-Career Artists: Ingenuity and Inspiration

The pandemic exacerbated existing financial struggles for many singers and provided many singers with opportunities to lean in to other career areas. Learn more about how dual careers allow these singers to be financially stable and more confident in their artistic endeavors.


The Dr. Is In : Avoiding Winter Colds: A Rational Approach

Dear Dr. Jahn, I’m 31, and for the past decade I’ve gotten 4–6 head colds every year between October and April. It doesn’t seem to matter that I get consistent


College Admissions Part 3: Audition Tips

Admissions offices in music schools manage auditions. We not only run the process, but we interact with applicants and faculty, and are aware of some of the elements of successful

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