Wisconsin School Music Association: Virtual Solo Festival

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How It Works

District Eligibility: Student must attend a WSMA member school
State Eligibility: Solo must have received a *1 rating at District Festival

  1. Parents (or students age 18+) register a student for district or state festival using CS Music’s Online Audition Tool.  
  2. Students perform their solo for a video recording device, upload the video to YouTube, and then add the YouTube link to their CS Music application found at www.csmusic.net/applications. For complete instructions, view our Preparation Procedures and Registration Procedures
  3. Students will be notified via email when their performance has been reviewed by judges. They will receive written feedback and a rating from the adjudicator within one week of video submission. 
  4. If students qualify for state festival through a virtual district-level performance, steps one through three repeat for a second state-level performance. 
  5. Schools, booster groups or parents may choose to purchase official WSMA awards to recognize eligible students (available only at WSMA Award Store). 

Click here for the complete video instructions.

Important dates & deadlines

  • Registration and submissions open Wednesday, March 25
  • District festival submissions close Wednesday, April 15 
  • State festival submissions close Monday, May 4


  • District Festival registration is $10.00 per solo
  • State Festival registration is $18.85 per solo
  • Students who require financial assistance should contact their school music teacher or state@wsmamusic.org

This registration form accepts one solo per submission. Students who wish to submit multiple solos will need to submit multiple forms. WSMA Festival Rules still apply: Students may only perform the same event number (division) once for district and once for state. Only solos that received a *1 at the district level may register for the State Festival.

Additional Information and Resources

For additional resources, visit the WSMA Virtual Solo Festival webpage.