Online Summer Competition 2018

Cash Prizes, Written Feedback, Scored Evaluation

Register by August 31 to get reviewed by at least 3 CS Music Judges.

Winners advance to the Audience Choice Round in September.

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Classical Divisions:

  • High School
  • University
  • Emerging Professional

Musical Theatre Divisions:

  • High School
  • University


What you do:


Register for the Online Summer Competition by clicking here. ($35 reg fee)


Video record a new audition piece appropriate to your category and division. Use live accompaniment or Appcompanist.


Upload your recording to YouTube and then add it to your application. Submit your application before September 8.

What we do:


Each judge will provide you with written feedback and a scored evaluation.


The top 10 singers from each division advance to the Audience Choice Round.


Audition videos of *CS Certified Artists are sent to schools, companies, and theaters.

*CS CERTIFIED ARTIST: Any participant who receives a 3 of higher out of 5 in the First Round qualifies as a CS Certified Artist. Their audition videos will be sent with their Recruiting Profile to more than 5,500 university faculty, summer program administrators, and opera house/theatre contacts to be considered for scholarships, admission acceptance, jobs, internships, and more.

Judges come from schools including:

  • Juilliard
  • NEC
  • Eastman
  • Michigan

  • San Francisco Conseravtory
  • Cincinnati
  • Florida State

  • USC
  • UCLA
  • Indiana
  • and many more.


Registration Deadline: August 31.



Plus, your registration includes online access to all of including these great benefits.


Opera and theater stars give you an inside look at their path to success with advice for today’s singers.


Thousands of job notices for singers, teachers, and pianists.


Directories of Young Artist Programs, Universities and Summer Programs.