September 2016

New Frontiers : Deborah Voigt

Deborah Voigt has trod the boards as the dramatic soprano of this generation. But as Voigt herself says in this exclusive interview, “You can’t be the top banana until you’re 75.” And, so, the soprano is wisely expanding her repertoire to include the roles of voice teacher, artistic advisor and, most recently, assistant professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Discover Voigt’s feelings about these life changes as well as her candid thoughts on addiction, weight, and feeling confident in your skin no matter what.

Musings on Mechanics : Adding Cardio to the Curriculum

Since your body is your instrument, it’s important that it be in its optimal condition. Physical fitness specific to a singer’s individual needs will ensure that the voice functions its best and is free from any restrictions.

The Music Major Minute : Voice Teacher Appreciation: The Ones Who Made a Difference

Once upon a time a young soprano went to college and her voice teacher fixed her passaggio in the first lesson. She sang high notes happily ever after.

From the Editor : Putting Yourself Out There

In the week before the magazine goes to press, I reread the issue again from cover to cover, this time with the articles in order and beautifully laid out. Often

The Singer’s Library : Taking a Business-Minded Approach to Music

Hear from two entrepreneurs who initially trained as musicians and then went on to law, business, and leadership degrees and now run two companies. Their new book guides singers to better business practices in a changing marketplace.

Behind the Curtain at Oz : An Inside View of the College Admission Process

So you didn’t get accepted to your college of choice. How did the powers that be arrive at that decision? Understanding the many varied factors that influence such decisions can help you in applying, auditioning, and understanding the outcome.

Saying Yes : The Art of Assessing and Accepting a Role in College and Beyond

Stage time in college is coveted and critical to a singer’s training and success. But what if you’re offered a role that doesn’t feel like a fit for your voice? Find out how to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for you.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Opera in a Bar?

It’s no secret that there are lots of singers and often not a lot of jobs to go around. But rather than looking at your fellow singer as competition, let’s draw inspiration from each other about the ways and means for using our voices. We begin this new column with a look at the Boston chapter of Opera on Tap, an organization dedicated to helping singers to sing for money.

Thank You, Phyllis Curtin

A former student says farewell to one of this generation’s most beloved teachers and mentors.

Show Me the Money

It’s never too soon to start thinking about how to pay for your education.

Rear-View Mirror, Part 2

In this continuation of part one, which appeared online at, singers offer perspectives on the education that prepped them for a career.

8 Ways to Use Your Music Education to Prepare Yourself For a Professional Career

Your college years offer a glorious and singular time when you can focus fully on honing your craft without the stress of making a living from said craft. But the time to enter the professional world will come soon enough, so begin preparing now.

Finding Opportunity in Adversity

A remarkable thing happened at this year’s Classical Singer Convention: four sight-impaired singers who had never met and live in different parts of the country attended the three-day event in Boston. The four women discuss their experience at the convention as well as what it was like to be a blind singer in a university setting.

CS Classical and Musical Theatre Competition Winners Announced

More than $2.1 million in scholarships and $16,000 in cash prizes were awarded at the Classical Singer Convention Memorial Day weekend.

Taking Control of Your Education

As a new fall semester begins, application of these six principles outside of the classroom will help you reach above and beyond your degree requirements as you become an entrepreneurial learner.

Major Decisions

So you want to major in music. That’s a great first step. But is vocal performance the path for you? Or music education? Or musical theatre? Or music therapy? And what about a double major? Read about the ins and outs of each major here to help determine the right choice for you.