Online Fall Competition


Sing and Be Heard!

$3,000 in Cash Prizes




Written Feedback & Recruiting Exposure

Classical and Musical Theatre Divisions for High School, University, and Emerging Pro

October 1 Deadline and $45 Registration Fee


Submit a Video

Record your audition, add it to YouTube, and link it to your CS Music account. Recording Instructions

Get Scored

At least 3 judges will review your video & give written feedback and a scored evaluation Oct 1 – Oct 10.


The top 10 from each division advance to the Audience Choice Round
Oct 15 – Oct 25.


*You can compete in both Classical and Musical Theatre, but you must register separately for each division.

Spring 2020 High School First Place Winner Hannah Bautista

  • Classical High School
    (ages 14-19)
  • Classical University
    (ages 19-25)
  • Classical Emerging Pro
    (min age 22, no age limit; no A or B level leading role experience)
  • Musical Theatre High School
    (ages 14-19)
  • Musical Theatre University/Pre-Professional
    (min age 19, no age limit; no leading Broadway experience)

Competition Schedule

  • First Round
    • October 1 Registration Deadline
    • October 5 Video Submission Deadline
    • Videos reviewed October 1 – October 10
  • Audience Choice Round
    • The Top 10 videos from each division are available to the public for voting.
    • No new videos are submitted.
    • October 15 – October 25
  • Winners Announced
    • November 1

Spring 2020 Emerging Pro First Place Winner Shavon Lloyd

Video Guidelines

The same video will be used for the First Round and the Audience Choice Round.

  • Record ONE selection in its entirety.
    • PLEASE do not use external microphones.
    • Get as close-up as possible on video recordings.
    • Frame the shot from the waist up, with not too much empty space above the head in frame.
    • Raise the video source closer to eye level so that the judges can see you more face to face, rather than looking up at you.
    • Film in landscape/horizontal frame.
  • At the beginning of your recording:
      • State your first and last name
      • State that the recording is for the 2020 Online Fall Competition
      • Say the current date
      • Announce the name of piece you will be performing and the composer’s name
  • Accompaniment options:
    • Live piano accompaniment
    • Appcompanist App,, or other online piano accompaniments



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