Second Round FAQ

Second, Semifinal, and Final Rounds


All Competition and Convention events are held at the:
Marriott Wardman Hotel
2660 Woodley Rd NW
Washington, DC 20008
Book your discounted rooms before May 1.


  • What is the FORMAT of all of the rounds of the Competition?
    • First Round
      • You have 8 minutes to sing one song selection in its entirety and then a portion of a second selection as time permits.
    • Second Round
      • You have 7 minutes. Two songs are required and you sing the entire first selection of your choice. The judges may ask for a portion of second selection if time remains. You can use the same selections as from the First Round.
    • Semifinal Round
      • You sing one entire selection of your choice. You can use the same selection from a previous round.
    • Final Round
      • You sing the entire selection of your choice. It is recommended that you use the same repertoire from the Semifinal Round.


  • What MATERIALS do I need to bring?
    • You should have a word-processed copy of your repertoire to give the judges each round; one copy is sufficient.
    • You don’t need to wear your name badge when you sing, but you will need it for classes.
    • Have your sheet music ready. Original music is not required. If you’re using copies, put your music into a 3-ring binder with non-glare sheet protectors for the accompanist. And please no bound books.


  • What ATTIRE is appropriate—what do I wear?


  • What about the ACCOMPANISTS?
    • The accompanists are great! They have worked with us for many years and are very capable of sight-reading.
    • You will have a minute to talk to the accompanist beforehand, but you won’t have any time to practice with the accompanist.


  • Where do I go when I arrive at the hotel?
    • IF YOU HAVE TIME when you arrive,
      • Check in at the Convention Registration desk on the first floor of the hotel.
      • Grab your name badge, registration materials (magazine and inserts), concert ticket, and lanyard.
    • IF YOU DON’T when you arrive:
      • Go directly to the competition rooms.
      • Grab your registration materials later—you don’t need a name badge to compete.
    • Check your CS Music account for your time and room.
    • Check in at your assigned room at least 20 minutes before assigned time. There will be a room monitor with a clipboard there to check you in.


  • Are there WARM UP ROOMS?
    • There are warm up rooms on the bottom floor of the hotel; there will be signs pointing to the rooms.
    • Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please limit your time to 15 minutes.
    • There is not a piano in the rooms, but you can download the free warm up/practice tool Appcompanist at and use your phone.


  • What about COMMENT SHEETS? When do I get those?
    • We’ll have the comment sheets ready for you the day after you sing. They are at the CS Music table in the Expo Hall toward the back. There’s a sign there and there is a CS Music table cloth.
    • If you don’t pick up your comment sheets they will be emailed back to you in June.


  • When and how do I find out the RESULTS?
    • We’ll post results AFTER the completion of each round online at and at the hotel near the Convention registration desk. We’ll also email singers and post your results on your account.
    • Here’s the approximate times results will be posted:
      • CL and MT First Round – Thursday night at 9 pm
      • MT Second Round – Saturday at 1:30 pm
      • CL Second Round – Saturday at 10 pm
      • MT Semifinal Round – Saturday at 10 pm
      • Ensemble Competition – Saturday at 10 pm
      • CL Semifinal Round – Sunday at 1:30 pm
      • CL and MT Final Round – Sunday at 7 pm at the Grand Finale Awards Concert


  • What about SCHOLARSHIPS?
    • To be considered for specific scholarships, go sign up at the Scholarship Table near the Competition Information desk. There is a book for each program that is offering a scholarship. The schools and programs will choose from the list of singers who sign up in their book.
    • You don’t have to be a competition winner to get a scholarship offer.
    • We’ll announce the scholarship winners at the Grand Finale Awards Concert on Sunday at 7 pm.


  • What about classes? How do I sing in MASTERCLASSES?
    • Your name badge gets you into any of the classes. Go to as many as you want.
    • There are three ways to sing in the masterclass:
      1. Purchase a “Guaranteed-to-Sing” spot for a specific class. Purchase those online at or at the Convention Registration desk. $55/sign up and limit 4.
      2. Sign up on a Waiting List for a specific class at the Exhibitor’s table in the Expo Hall on the day of the class you want to sign up for.
      3. Go to any class and volunteer at the class.


  • How many participants are there and how many advance?
    • First Round (Approximately):
      • 1,200 nationwide for the First Round (75% CL, 25% MT)
        • HS – 600, Univ 1,2 – 300, Emerging Pro – 300
      • Second Round (Approximately):
        • Musical Theatre: HS – 150, Pre Pro – 75
        • Classical: HS – 250, Univ 1 – 140, Univ 2 – 80, Emerging Pro – 175
      • Semifinal Round:
        • Musical Theatre: HS – 32, Pre Pro – 20
        • Classical: HS – 40, Univ 1 – 22, Univ 2 – 18, Emerging Pro – 35
      • Final Round:
        • Musical Theatre: HS – 10, Pre Pro – 8
        • Classical: HS – 10, Univ 1 – 7, Univ 2 – 5, Emerging Pro – 8