Musical Theater

Audition Tune-up: Avoiding Overdone Musical Theatre Songs

I had the immense privilege of judging the majority of the Musical Theatre rounds in this year’s CS Vocal Competition in Chicago. I heard so many impressive voices in both

Influencers of Singing: Interview with David Evans

Mark Stoddard: Welcome to our fourth podcast of influencers of music in the CS Music world. Our guest today is David Evans. I’m going to let him tell us a

How to Prepare for Auditions

You may be thinking, “Not another article on how to prepare for auditions!” We have all most likely read many of them.  What people don’t often tell you however, is what people

Classical Concrete: A Review and Guide to the NYC Music Scene

Welcome to the debut post of Classical Concrete, curated by Mary Claire Curran. Classical Concrete is inspired by the NYC classical music scene. The accompanying Spotify playlist tries to encompass