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Katharina von Bora

Katharina von Bora is an historical, non-religious opera written by conductor and composer Mihai Valcu, with lyrics by Bill Zeiger. In his critique after the opera’s premiere, November 7, 2015,

The Singer’s Library – Different Strokes for Different Folks

Previous books from the So You Want to Sing series that have been featured in this column have covered genres ranging from jazz to country to sacred music. The already

Opera in China? You Bet!

Our bus made a sharp U-turn at the intersection and made it’s way up a steep, narrow street to the tall, handsome marble gateway telling us we had arrived at

Ugliness in the House of Beauty: Sexual Harassment in the Classical Singing Industry

Stories of sexual harassment have been making the news daily as the #metoo movement continues to topple predators in nearly every industry. But what about classical singing? Does sexual harassment

An Unexpected Angel’s Voice

When you think of the perfect holiday album, what comes to mind first? Barbra Streisand? Chanticleer? I’m guessing most people wouldn’t imagine that a bounty hunter/truck driver would make any

The Wonder of Technology, Nature, and Music

I’m sitting on a train traveling from Oslo to Bergen, Norway. And I’m able to communicate with anyone in the world. Amazing. More amazing, however, is the scenery out the

Why We Still Can’t Get Enough of Callas

Forty years after her untimely death, we operaphiles are still being mesmerized by the voice of Maria Callas. Why, I pondered, would such a singer endure and evoke such emotion

Why You Should Participate in a Summer Voice Program

Many singers participate in study programs abroad during the summer. As a voice teacher and faculty member for a summer program in Italy, I am often asked, why should singers

From Do-Re-Mi to Dosa

Sitting across the dinner table from my husband one June evening in 2014, I asked him what he thought about moving to India, as there was a job opening that

International Debut!

By JACOPERA. Follow their regular blog at JACOPERA’s International Debut! Buona sera, miei amici! Ana and myself arrived in Milan this morning, and although currently fighting off jet-lag, we

Singing in the Deborah Voigt Masterclass

Here is my full recap from Sunday of the Classical Singer Competition & Convention: Sunday: As you already know, I woke up on Sunday morning to see that I hadn’t

Recapping My Convention/Competition Experience Part 1

Greetings! This post is a bit delayed–the past few days have been quite busy. This past weekend was amazing and I’m excited to give you the full version of my

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