The Music Major Minute : What's New with the Italian Songs and Arias Collections?

Whether revisiting the classics or looking to expand your repertoire into more modern interpretations, find information on which Italian vocal anthology will best serve you.

Fat Shaming in Opera

The subject of fat shaming in opera has, in recent months, come to the forefront of industry awareness. Here singers share their experiences as well as the ways they bolstered themselves and how they continue to advocate for change within the opera world.

The Singer’s Library: So You Want to Sing World Music

When Matthew Hoch took over as editor of the NATS-sponsored So You Want to Sing series, published by Rowman & Littlefield, only three books of the 20-volume set had been published. That may have been readers’ first clue as to Hoch’s willingness to take on large-scale, daunting projects.

The Role of the Understudy 

iligent preparation while working as an understudy can lead to invaluable learning opportunities and experiences.    The audition went well. The cast list is up. Your eyes scan the list

Race and Ethnicity in the Voice Studio 

  Francesca Hsieh has had a busy four years. While earning her BFA in musical theatre at the University of Utah, she performed in mainstage musicals and plays and served

The Key Ingredient of Music Theory from a High Schooler’s Viewpoint

s I finish off my last few auditions for college Vocal Performance and Music Education programs, I am equipped with a perspective on what qualities I possess as a singer

A Change of Plans

But what does this mean for someone whose dream is to be an opera singer and who is willing to give everything to that dream? Faith and optimism are empowering forces on the way to fulfilling a dream, and no one wants to start out with the caveat that the dream may not become true after all. Doubt can be draining and undermining. Many who have gone against the grain to achieve their vision have either had no doubt or been able to overcome their own and others’ skepticism. 

Thoughts on College with Wicked Music Director Dan Micciche

CS Music recently had the opportunity to host a masterclass featuring Dan Micciche, the current music director/conductor for Wicked on Broadway. He offered some wonderful advice during that class that readers can learn a lot from. Here is a portion of the question and answer session, and if you want to listen to the entire class, look for the link at the end of this article.

HOW and WHEN to Find a Manager

Beginning the search for a manager is an exciting time, even if a bit daunting.  Not easily found as a subject in performance curriculums at schools and universities, if at

Got Authenticity? It’s Your Bio’s Missing Ingredient

Last week Anna Manalo wrote in with a juicy branding and marketing question for all of us to chew on. Here’s what Anna asked about, “how to determine/identify authenticity for

Brexit – How are singers and musicians affected?

The word Brexit conjures up all sorts of horror scenarios for anyone thinking of doing business in the United Kingdom after March 29, 2019.  As of right now, Brexit is

Audition Tune-up: Avoiding Overdone Musical Theatre Songs

I had the immense privilege of judging the majority of the Musical Theatre rounds in this year’s CS Vocal Competition in Chicago. I heard so many impressive voices in both

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