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Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Natalia Ferreiro’s Labor of Love

Innovation in the opera world is endless, and this month it crosses genres again, speaking to modern society and creating greater unification.

The Singer’s Library : Everything Old Is New Again

The vocal pedagogues of the past crafted tremendous singers and techniques for many generations. A new publication includes some of their written works and deserves the attention of the 21st century.

Balancing a Singing Career with a Full-Time Job

Do you ever wish you could add two or three more hours to a day? Finding time to fit in all of a singer’s responsibilities is daunting, but the following tips can help you get started and get organized.

When Worlds Collide: : Traditional vs. Modern Operatic Staging

Get a closer look at opera’s ever-changing landscape from three major singers and one director.

Taking Inspiration from the Past to Make a Powerful Voice in the Present: : Leonardo Capalbo

Tenor Leonardo Capalbo’s obsession with history and opera started long before his formal musical education at Juilliard. As a young boy growing up on two continents, Capalbo took an interest first in Pavarotti and then any and all singers from the past, researching and listening at his local library. He now applies that same passion to every role he undertakes—new and old—from his Verdi favorites (Macduff in Macbeth, Alfredo in La traviata, Riccardo in Un ballo in maschera, and Jacopo Foscari in I due Foscari) to roles like Mario Ruoppolo in Il postino and Tom Rakewell in The Rake’s Progress. Read why Capalbo feels that such a varied repertoire keeps his mind and voice fresh and much more in this exclusive Classical Singer interview.

Diverse and Inclusive Casting

A successful bass shares how a congenital disorder has shaped him and his work on the opera stage as well as how greater inclusivity in casting will help shape operatic productions into resembling the present day.

The Music Major Minute : Live, Love, Learn

Three attributes can help with the complex assembly of the many pieces in the classical vocalist’s life.

From the Editor : Lasts. And Firsts. And Everything In Between.

Life is a journey full of firsts and lasts. Beginnings and ends. Starts and finishes. And all of the wonderful, hard, sad, good, happy, difficult, messy, normal, and extraordinary stuff

The Doctor Is In : Back to School

Uncle Tony offers his advice for students returning to the classroom this month. Read his thoughts on how studying music at the university level requires using both the left and right hemispheres of the brain and much more.

How to Make a Good Impression during Your College Years

Read what students should and shouldn’t do to stand out in the right ways while pursuing a college degree—from social media to rehearsals to class.

12 Ways to Rock Your In-Person College Audition

We asked college professors what students should and shouldn’t do in their in-person voice audition. Find out what made the top 12 here.

Why Opera Singers Should Take Musical Theatre Classes

When considering electives to complete your degree, a musical theatre acting class might be just the thing to take your performance to the next level. That’s what happened for one New York City-based singer.